Boss for our Upcoming Game



Gameplay video from our 2018 Game Jam submission.

Reaper Particle system: I created this reaper enemy and evil sounds.

Kids Playtesting our game in our arcade cabinet at Makersfare 2016

Ships from my upcoming game.

Gameplay promotional video for Outer Rim

Enemy Carrier 

Enemy Transport

Enemy Recon

ENemy Recon Ship Enemy Recon Ship Top


Vittata Player Ship

Vittata Front Vittata Top BAck Vittata Ship Front

Enemy Fighter

Enemy Fighter Top Down Enemy Fighter Cockpit Enemy Fighter


Enemy Bomber

Enemy Bomber Front


Player Ship: Anastasia

SS Samantha 4SAM BAck in Black Front SS Samantha 3SAM Back In Black Top

Player Ship: Gibraltar

Goliath Front Goliath Bottom 4K Goliath BAck 4K

Player Ship: Sol

New Sol Top Down Sol Ship New Front Sol Blue TrimSol Ship New Front







Animated Turret with exploded view

Shipped Game: Outer Rim


 As the artist for my first published game Outer Rim, I designed, modeled and textured all of the games assets.  I designed and maintained the website,  created marketing assets and engaged the gaming community, which aided Outer Rim being Greenlit on Steam.






3D weapon modeling and texturing

Progeny Sojourner Fine WoodProgeny Aedifex GreenProgeny Aedifex RedDollypop

Executive Carbon

New Shotgun ProfileNew Shotgun Back Scarlet Splatter Shotgun TextureHive Shotgun

Executive 4K 5000 Samples Executive Decision Light Wood


Prior test weapon designs

Shotgun Alpha Front Progeny RL With Handle Progeny MG Updated Forks

Character Sculpting

Back Legs Front Legs


Gamestop commercial project:


3D Modeling from 2D concepts

From 2D design concept to 3D modeling and texturing

Conceptpickups Conceptweapons Tanksconceptdesign

Steampunk Zeppelin

Airship with Zep Front Airship With Zep Back

Airship Side Render

Cyborg model created in mudbox

AlphaMore Red Alpha

Convention Exhibit

Display2 Display 3 Display1 Display 6 Display 5 Display 4

Kohler Bathroom

Copy of Kohler Bathroom With a View Birds Eye


Securilock convention display concept


Advanced design work

LizardmenAdvanced Design Project: Original codex for the Warhammer 40K universe.



unnamedOriginal campaign for Dungeons and Dragons.

Content creation and art lead.